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Workout Instructions: PLEASE READ

  • All the workouts are a ‘real time’ follow along workout. 
  • Not every workout comes with a warm up & cool down so please make sure you do these prior to and after the workout.
  • The workouts will generally take 15- 40 minutes. Depending on your own fitness level or simply how you feel on the day you can reduce or even add in an extra round.
  • If there are any exercises there that you know you will be unable to do for medical, injury or any other reason, then please miss it out or swap in somehting you can do.
  • Please only move to a range/where you are comfortable. If a movement is sore/painful then stop. As you exercise more and move more you will start to increase your range of movement.
  • Please stop any worout if you feel faint or dizzy.
  • Please make sure you clear enough space to do the workout in. make sure there is nothing you are going to fall over, trip over or bang against.
  • Again please make sure you spend 5-7 mins warming up before the workout.
  • To help reduce any muscle soreness the next day make sure you have a stretch out after. there is coool down routine proovided. It won’t stop muscle soreness, but it may help reduce it.
  • DOMS (known as Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness), most of us have experienced this at some point. It is when we are really sore or stiff 1 -2 days after a workout. If you feel to sore to workout the next day, then make sure you walk, stretch or even do one of the Stretch & Mobility routines as this helps the soreness. Sitting will not help! Lol..
  • Hydrate before, after and during your workout.


15 minute Quick Dumbbell Blast


30 minute Kettlebell WOD (Workout of the Day!)

30 min Fitness Pilates (Core & Mobility Focus)

Beginner/Intermediate Quick Workout (with Dumbbell/Bodyweight Options)

Kettlebell HIIT Workout

Fitness Pilates (Stretch & Mobility)

WOD (workout of the day) Workout with both Kettlebell & Bodyweight Only Options. 

Circuit Workout with KB (Kettlebell)/DB (Dumbbell)/BW (Bodyweight) Options

Fitness Pilates 1: Suitable for ALL Levels