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Available NOW: Sep 2020

Healthy & Sweaty at HOME

This is a 4 week programme, delivered through our very own coaching app on your phone.  To keep you healthy & sweaty at home during the 4 weeks. this is what you get:

– 8 (20-30 minute) workouts designed for your level of fitness (using bodyweight/kettlebells or dumbells – depending on what you have at home)

– the workouts come with instructions as well as video demonsration of the exercises. The workouts will be a mix of different formats (circuits/AMRAP/HIIT etc). There will be some workouts where you can record a score or time and try and beat this the next time you complete it.

– There will also be 3 x follow along in real time workouts.

– One of our Healthy Eating Recipe Packs which you can easil access from your phone during the month, but will also be emailed so that you have a copy for you to keep.

– On the app you will have a daily activity tracker and weekly goal setting task to make use of.

– You  have instant messaging through the app to Links Fitness

– £10 Credit to book any of our online classes (at the moment this would be 2x Fitness Pilates Classes)

 COST £30

4 week Kick Start Programme (for beginners)



Healthiest You: 4 Week Personal Training, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

This is the perfect package for individuals who have perhaps completed our ‘Kick Start’ programme and would love to continue on their journey with a little more support, guidance and an individual nutrition and exercise plan.

Or for those who already know that the individualised and personal plan they receive with this programme would work better for them and perhaps with the addition of P/T sessions.

What You Get:

  • Full assessment/questionnaire filled out via the app.
  • Personalised plan with macro breakdown in plan along with Macros explained (if required)
  • Monthly recipe books with meal planning help, shopping list.
  • 4 week strength programme or home workout plan. 8 xWorkouts on app to follow and tick off once complete.
  • PT sessions depending on option
  • progress & consistency tracking via the app.
  • 24/7 support available anytime. Via Instant messaging on the app.
  • Work book full of hints, tips and nutrition information.
  •  Free meal planning and prep guide.
  • 2 Real time follow along workouts (via app)
  • 1 x Stretch & Mobility Follow along class (via app)
  • Daily accountability using the daily activity tracking (via The coaching app)
  • Habit coaching (if required)

2 Options: (all PT sessions on Leith Links)

Time Slots:

Mon Anytime between 6.30am-8pm

Tue & Thur: 6.30am

Sat: 9.45 & 10.45am


4 weeks with 4 x 45 min sessions: £160

4 weeks with 8 x 45 min sessions: £240


What is Nutrition Coaching? And is it for me?

Need help eating better, improving your health and getting the body you want? Then enlisting a nutrition coach could be the answer! It can be difficult to craft a plan and see it through. Information is good, but knowing how to use and apply that information is how you reach your goals.

Links Fitness can design individualised/custom plans, help keep you consistent and hold you accountable. Ensuring you achieve your nutrition, health & fitness goals.

We will asses your personal data, discuss goals, design a nutrition plan that works for you.  We will measure your results and tweak your plan where and when necessary.