About us

Marianne O’Brien & Links Fitness

“Fitness should be fun and enjoyed. If it is you will want to come back again & again, and thats when you will see results”

After months of training in hail, rain and snow this is me with a big grin after completing the hottest London Marathon on record in 2018.  It was tough! But I made it round in a little over my estimated time. 

A little more about Me…


I have been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Over this time I have trained in many, many different group exercise classes (body pump, spin, body balance), went back to university to gain my honours degree Applied Sport Science (BSc) and more recently my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach (PN1).


 For more years than I can remember I taught freelance fitness classes in many of the gyms around Edinburgh as well as working as a gym instructor.

Over 10 years ago I started Links Fitness by simply went door to door in the local area with a flyer  and hoped I would get a few coming along, and I did!

Links Fitness: 

Links Fitness specialises in WORKOUTS for WOMEN. We run in person outdoor fitness classes in Edinburgh on Leith Links and have done for for over 10 years! We want women to learn to MOVE MORE and LIFT. MORE in MIDLIFE. You are never to old to start to reep the benefits from regular movement and strength training. 




“8 years ago I made a Nre Years resolution to get fit…. A week later while I tucked into coffee and cake I came across a paper flyer for for Links Fitness. I have been an avid fan ever since! This is why:

1. The sessions chnge each week, keeping me interested.

2, It’s outside, making me work harder in the cold weather and sweat harder in the warm weather.

3, Breathing in fresh air while exercising is exhilirating, and gives me headspace from my day to day life.

The Booters girls,  from every session I come away smiling. Friendship and laughter are exercise for the soul.

4. Marianne…. She pushes me to be the strongest I can be.

The success of Links Fitness is due to her commitment to keeping it flexible, affordable, interesting, chellenging, bloody hard but flipping fun!”


“I love Lins Fitness as every session is different and Marianne always pushes me more than I would push myself. There are loads of classes to choose from so it is easy to fit it in around whatever you have going on that week.”


“Links Fitness is the perfect way to exercise with such variety…. You can do the ‘doubler’ and each sesssions is different! I love that the timetable allows me to manage to be able to fit in some exercise around busy family life and I love that it is outdoors…regardless of the weather. Marianne is fab and knows your abilities with gentle pushing and great banter with the other Links Ladies”